Studio Kader operates from a workspace in the west of Amsterdam, in a building shared with fellow artists and designers.

        Studio Kader is an independent project studio for art and design founded by Carolina Aboarrage and Lot Meijers. Within Studio Kader, Carolina specializes in graphic design, while Lot's focus is on project management. They also offer combined services, simplifying things for clients.

        One branch of Kaders expertise lies in crafting identities, publications, motion graphics, websites, and exhibition identities, with an eye for vibrant color combinations, layered aesthetics and distinctive typography.
        The other branch offers professional project management, including exhibition production and commission supervision, primarily serving clients in the cultural sector. Kader has a wealth of experience in handling intricate projects both locally and internationally.
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Works in progress

WDE 2024
  • We're happy to be working with Dutch Design Foundation for another year to realise the World Design Embassies' exhibition.

    Land Art Lives
    Organising and managing the program of an international conference Land Art Lives: On the Future of Land Art, by M. & Land Art Flevoland. April-October 2024.

  • roda - soft water on hard stone is an artist residency programme that will take place in Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, and Lagos. Studio Kader is currently designing the visual identity and website.

roda - soft water on hard stone is an invitation to foster collective thinking about ways of inhabiting the world.

    Biennale Arte 2024

    • Studio Kader deisgned together with Estúdio Campo the visual communication for the Venice Biennale 2024.
    • Photos: Carolina Aboarrage

    • This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Estúdio Campo on the visual communication for the Venice Biennale 2024. This large-scale project encompassed the entire visual identity of the main exhibition, both in the Giardini and the Arsenale.

      The team, comprising just three individuals – Paula Tinoco, Roderico and Carolina – from Estúdio Campo and Studio Kader, was responsible for developing a cohesive visual identity. This included the designing of posters, catalogues, animations, signage and promotional materials. The work involved intense research and development of graphic concepts that could dialogue with the curatorial proposal and the Biennale. Coordination with different design and production teams was essential to guarantee the consistency and quality of all the graphic materials.

    Below the Underground

    • Below the Underground is an extensive monograph on visual artist Ansuya Blom. This publication was designed by Studio Kader and has been carefully organised to coincide with the solo exhibition of Ansuya Blom at Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, organised by Centraal Museum Utrecht (March 22nd this year until June 30th 2024). 
    • Photo: Carolina Aboarrage

    Land Art op Schaal

    • The exhibition "Land Art op Schaal" was managed and produced by Studio Kader for Land Art Flevoland, and the spatial design was created by Babke Dekker. Currently on display at De Verbeelding in Zeewolde until 13 June 2024, the exhibition features ten iconic land art works at a 1:200 scale.
    • Photo: Jordi Huisman

    Sounds of  the Future

      Sounds of the Future is a residency programme for experimental music based in Denmark, with a focus on contemporary music and sound art. The visual identity and logo were designed by Studio Kader.

      The Sounds of the Future project, supported by the cultural development fund of central Jutland and organised by Sound Art Lab and SPOR Festival in Aarhus, aims to support and develop the sound art environment in the region by promoting collaborations and connections between various local cultural actors and offering a range of activities such as artist residencies, debates, workshops and performances on international platforms.
      The visual identity for Sounds of the Future is inspired by the Chladni Plate, a device that visualises sound vibration patterns by distributing particles across a surface. This reference visually embodies the intersection of sound and form, graphically representing the essence of experimental music. The aesthetic of the Chladni plate is translated into the design through the application of geometric and abstract patterns

    74 Mag / Ed.3

      Broedplaats Bouw's magazine features the studios of various artists and designers in the western part of Amsterdam. The former technical school now serves as a creative hub. 74 Mag provides an overview of the exhibitions that took place at De Bouwput in 2021 and 2022, as well as a presentation of each studio that is part of BOUW in 2023.
      Studio Kader was responsible for developing all stages of the magazine, from concept and editorial design to editing and print production. 
      Photos: Paola Salviano


      Studio Kader designed the identity for the RMT x AKI group exhibition, which was held at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe from 22 June to 27 August. The exhibition showcased works by fourth-year students from the AKI art academy.

    DDW/2023 - Embassy of Safety

      In 2023, Studio Kader managed, designed, and produced the 'Goed Maken' exhibition at the Klokgebouw for DDW in Eindhoven.  
      The Embassy of Safety is a space for participants to create and explore creative approaches to security issues during the Dutch Design Week (DDW23). Visitors were welcomed to share ideas on how to improve the system. 
      Photos: Tommy Smits.

    buen diseño para la industria

      Studio Kader was responsible for the editorial design of the book "buen diseño para la industria". The book was edited by artist Alejandro Cesarco and released in 2023 by ISLAA (The Institute for Studies on Latin American Art) in New York.
      Photos: Paola Salviano

    • The design collective, buen diseño para la industria (bd), created lively textile patterns inspired by the geometric abstraction of Argentine Concretism from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The collective is made up of renowned artists based in Buenos Aires, including José Antonio Fernández-Muro, Sarah Grilo, Alfredo Hlito, and Miguel Ocampo.
    • Of the abundant work produced by these four artists over two years, 319 drawings and several textile samples, including sheets and tablecloths made from the artists' sketches, are gathered in the book and are part of the Buen Diseño para la Industria Designs and Textiles archive collection at the Library and Archives of the Institute for the Study of Latin American Art (ISLAA).


      This publication chronicles the progress of the iconic installation “deposition" by Marissa Lee Benedict, Daniel de Paula, and David Rueter, which was situated in the central atrium of Oscar Niemeyer’s pavilion for the 34th Bienal de São Paulo. The book traces the salvage, displacement, and exhibition of the last corn commodities futures trading pit from the Chicago Board of Trade to São Paulo Bienal.
      Editorial design by Studio Kader, the book was published by Mousse and released in 2023.
      Photos: Carolina Aboarrage

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